Acquiring any Soul from DungeoNFT  will let you be part of our nation of Role-player games and Videogames lovers, and exclusive access to the next benefits :

  • Access to the DungeoNFT Game Tournament exclusive to members and developed only for them(NFT limited Series for the winners).
  • DungeoNFT Metaverse access to have fun and share a good time with other members.
  • All future SolomonGames Releases.
  • VIP Access to the Community and Discord and special badge for you to stand out.
  • Right to Vote and Suggestions on Development in future releases.
  • Holder-exclusive Giveaways.
  • Special Discounts in the Oficial Store and Access to Merch Exclusive to members.
  • And many more Benefits to be Announced soon!!!

Are you ready to live the emotion to Fight, Explore and Conquer!?

We know you are!!!

Only these who are special are Brave and Intelligent enough to have Fun being a Dungeon Breaker!!